Website Review for Skin Whitening Forever

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Web Site Review for Skin Whitening Forever

Website Review for the Skin Whitening Forever

A part of our job at Website Premium Review is to provide site reviews for consumers looking for the finest products that works. These range from short overview reports to detailed studies on particular aspects of a site and product. We have recently completed a review for a small ecommerce site called Skine Whitening Forever and felt that it neatly tidied together a number of different issues I had been discussing in this blog. The client has been kind enough to allow me to publish it here so hopefully it will be of some use to others. Please bear in mind that this is only a condensed site overview and doesn’t tackle issues in much depth.


As with all ecommerce sites there are two key factors that dictate its success or failure. These are the number of visitors that are driven to the site and the number of those visitors who are then converted into customers. It is these two factors that Website Premium Review uses to assess the effectiveness of an ecommerce site.
Without looking at the web logs of a site it is hard to tell just how successful the site is at converting users. However, the initial indications for Skine Whitening Forever are good. The site is generally well designed, has few significant usability problems, and addresses most of the major questions raised by users considering purchasing online.
A more important problem exists with regard to driving traffic to the site in the first place. Although good use is being made of Google Adwords the organic listing on search engines (in particular Google) is very poor. We believe there is significant opportunity here as a cursory analysis of the competition makes us believe it would not take much to push Skine Whitening Forever to the top of Google’s ranking. 

Visitor Conversion

In many ways Skine Whitening Forever is an example of good design. It is clean, simple and focused on enabling users to complete a purchase in the minimum number of steps. However, as with all sites there is always room for improvement and so below we outline several issues which should be addressed.


The site has a strong visual identity. It is well branded: the site name, use of imagery and introduction leaves the user in no doubt as to what the site is about. However, two issues are of concern and should be addressed.

Screen resolution
28% of users are still viewing their computers at 800×600. Unfortunately Skine Whitening Forever has not been optimised for this resolution and therefore requires limited horizontal scrolling in order to be able to read the product descriptions. This also creates problems with the number of products the user initially sees on page load. At 800×600 it appears Skine Whitening Forever only offers 3 products while at 1024×768 the site offers only 4 products. Although users will scroll they tend to make judgements on whether a site has what they want without scrolling down a page. 

Jakob Neilsen a leading usability expert suggests that key content and products should be visible without the need for the user to scroll. One possibility would be to move the "view details" link to below the description so compressing the amount of space required for each product. Although this wouldn’t make all of the products visible it would help the situation as well as correcting the visual imbalance of white space next to the  last product.

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